The Workers Compensation Education Association is a nonprofit association of attorneys who represent Colorado employees who are injured on the job.  Since 1984 the WCEA has been dedicated to providing a voice for injured workers both in and out of the courtroom.  The group supports attorneys who represent injured workers through education, research, and sharing information.   Members receive up-to-date legal education through an offering of accredited courses throughout each year and have access to other critical proprietary resources to help in their representation of injured workers.

The WCEA advocates for injured workers by working with the Division of Workers Compensation to improve the process for securing benefits.  The WCEA also lobbies at the State Capitol each year by initiating legislation and securing sponsors for bills to improve benefits available to injured workers and to improve the process of securing benefits.

What is Workers’ Compensation? 

The law requires all employers to purchase Workers’ Compensation insurance providing benefits to injured employees if they are injured in the course of employment.  Employees can be injured because of an accident, or because the job exposed them general wear tear.

What are Workers’ Compensation benefits? 

In a nutshell, Workers’ Compensation pays for the medical care and lost wages due to an on-the-job injury.  Injured workers are also entitled to compensation for the permanent damage, or impairment, caused by the work injury.  In addition there are a number of miscellaneous benefits such as mileage reimbursement and compensation for disfigurement. When an employee dies in an on-the-job accident the law provides benefits for his or her dependents and a nominal funeral benefit.

Do I have to prove my employer was negligent? 

No.  Workers’ Compensation is a no-fault program – this means that the benefits are the same regardless of how is at fault.  Even if the employee was negligent, Workers’ Compensation pays the same.

If my employer was negligent can’t I just sue my employer instead of going through Workers’ Compensation? 

No.  The Workers’ Compensation system is a compromise between employers and employees.  Employers now have to pay for all on-the-job injuries regardless of who is at fault.  In exchange for this, employees cannot sue their employers for negligently causing an injury.

Do I need an attorney in Workers’ Compensation? 

Workers’ Compensation law is complicated and filled with deadlines that must be met or your rights and options can be limited or closed.  The law does not allow these deadlines to be waived even if you did not know about them.  There are many issues in workers compensation that can have dramatic effects on the kind or amount of benefits you can receive.

Any attorney who devotes a substantial proportion of his or her practice to workers compensation cases and does not personally represent insurance carriers, self-insured carriers, the state insurance fund or other respondents on a regular basis is eligible for membership.