Jerrod Warr

FWI Legal are physically active individuals who have experienced a variety of injuries themselves; FWI Legal knows what it’s like to crave the outdoors and can empathize with their clients when injuries prevent enjoyment of the Colorado lifestyle.

FWI Legal has worked for large, well-known firms in Colorado. FWI Legal gained an array of fast-paced, large caseload experience and figured out how to utilize that experience in a different model. FWI Legal is a personable, hands-on practice that is all about providing top-notch customer service. FWI Legal’s philosophy involves more frequent communication with clients, medical providers, and all parties involved in each case.

Based on this model, FWI Legal attorneys are highly experienced and successful at telling their clients’ stories to the insurance companies because they truly know their clients and understand their clients’ injuries and damages. At FWI Legal, they are not only your advocates, but your advisors and counselors as well. As such, you can expect a lot of direct contact with your attorney and will not have to go through a wall of receptionists and paralegals first. FWI Legal respects your time and will work to resolve your case quickly and cleanly, while staying in constant contact with you.